Tarheel Gardening is a landscaping company in North Carolina. We specialize in all things related to gardens and making them look gorgeous. We are very passionate about all things green and aim to create the most beautiful dream gardens for our clients.

Tarheel Gardening has been transforming gardens for many years and we would like everyone to have the opportunity to have a beautiful garden. We understand that not everyone can afford to hire professional landscapers, so we decided to start this website. Here, you will learn more about our business and our services. You will also find a whole lot of helpful information and tips to help you transform your garden without a hefty price tag.

Landscaping can change the way your house looks and feels. It can improve your curb appeal and make you feel like you live in a fairy tale. A beautiful garden has many benefits for you and your family and it should be something you prioritize. A garden can be an escape and can help to improve anyone’s mood any day of the week.

This is our purpose. We want to help people be happy and have beautiful gardens so they can take advantage of all the amazing benefits. So, hire us to transform your garden. You can decide on the maintenance plan to suit your budget. You can even take care of it yourself after we make the big changes. No matter what your needs, we can help.