Why Should You Hire Professional Landscapers?

Professional landscapers are artists and their canvass is your garden. If you want to have your garden landscaped and transformed into a beautiful swan, you need to hire professional landscapers like Tarheel Gardening. There are many benefits to having a landscaped garden and the best way to get those benefits is by hiring a professional landscaper.

You should hire a professional landscaper because:

1. They have the experience and know-how

Professional landscapers have designed and maintained hundreds of gardens and they know exactly how to do it well and fast. They know how to solve problems, fix sick plants, and keep your lawn looking great. If you want to landscape yourself, you will probably have to learn how to first. They also know which plants to plant when and where and how to maintain them and keep them healthy.

2. It will save you time

If you want to do it yourself, you will have to do some research and spend a lot of time figuring out what works and what not. Professional landscapers already know all that and will be able to do it better and faster than you. Of course, if it is a project that you have the time for and will enjoy, go ahead! Landscaping a garden and maintaining it is time-consuming and if you don’t have the time, you will get frustrated.

3. It will save you money

If you are only just starting to look at gardening and landscaping, chances are you will need to buy a whole bunch of equipment. Professional services already have all the necessary equipment and they probably have the best ones. You can save yourself money by allowing them to landscape for you. Just think about all the times you bought equipment for something that you never used again.

Landscaping your own garden can be a fun family activity or project. However, few people have the time and resources to make such a project a success without getting frustrated or annoyed. Rather hire a professional landscaper that can take care of everything and you can just enjoy your new and beautiful garden.


3 Steps to Make Your North Carolina Garden Beautiful

Getting ready to prepare your garden for spring and summer? We have some great advice for steps you can take to make your North Carolina garden a beauty. We want to help you choose the right types of trees and flowers and also help you to know where to plant them for the best results. So, keep reading if you want the down-low on creating the best garden.

Step 1: Analyse Your Garden

The first thing you have to do is analyse your garden. Look at how the sun shines in your garden. Your choice of trees, grass, shrubs, and flowers will be determined by the amount of sun in specific areas. You also want to have a look at the space you have, where there are walls, and where your water supply will be.

Step 2: Decide What You Want

Before you can start to plan the layout of your garden, you need to have an idea of what you want in your garden. Do you want big or small trees? Do you want big or small shrubs? Do you want shrubs at all? What color flowers do you want and how many? Do you want vines or hedges? All of these questions will need answers before you start planning where to plant and what to plant. You should also consider your lawn options. If you already have a lawn, do you want to keep it the way it is or do you want to make changes?

Step3: Choose the Right Plants

Once you have an idea of where the most sunshine and the basics of what types of greenery you want, you can start looking at buying. We have a whole bunch of indigenous North Carolina flowers, shrubs, and trees to choose from. To see what types of plants you can find and plant in North Carolina and their sun and water needs, visit these two websites: and They have lists of the best options to use in your garden.

Gardening is fun and therapeutic and a beautiful garden can make the world of difference to your home and family. So, get started today and get your garden ready for bloom season.


5 Do-It-Yourself Landscaping Tips

Landscaping is a fun and creative idea if you want a DIY project. It takes time and patience and a lot of hard work, but it will all be worth it. If you want to make your garden the dream garden you have always wanted, we have a few important tips. DIY landscaping can go wrong if you don’t approach it the right way and if you don’t plan. Follow our tips and get started on your DIY landscaping project.

1. Do some research

Before you start, read up on gardening, tools, plants, North Carolina weather and indigenous plants, and landscaping ideas. This will prepare you for what will be necessary and what types of equipment you will need. It will also help the planning of your garden and give you ideas of what you can do. The opportunity is endless. The best way to save yourself time and money is to be prepared and know what you want from the beginning.

2. Prepare for all seasons

You don’t want your beautiful garden to be brown and dead for 6 months of the year. When you plan your garden, include plants and flowers for all seasons. Plant them in patterns or between each other to ensure that there will be color and beauty in your garden no matter the season. Your local nursery should be able to give you good tips on what to plant when. You can also have a look at our other tip articles.

3. Make rows

When planting trees, shrubs and flowers, make rows or layer them. Start with the ones that will grow tall at the back, the second tallest in the middles, and the short flowers and bulbs in the front. This gives a nice three-dimensional look to the garden and also has practical value. When it comes to trimming and pruning, you don’t want to struggle to get to your plants.

4. Include some evergreens

Evergreens and deciduous trees and shrubs are great to keep your garden green all year long. Together with your seasonal plants and flowers, these trees will make sure you have some green and color in your garden even in winter.

5. Add some non-plant features

Part of good landscaping is structure and aesthetics. One of the best ways to create structure is through edging and the other is through features like walls, paths, fountains, gravel areas, etc. These things can make statements, allow for walks through a beautiful garden, add personality, and keep the structure throughout the year even when there are few plants blooming. There are many options for these types of features and you can use them to transition into the home area or patio.

Landscaping offers endless opportunities. You can redo your garden every year and not get bored. There are so many flowers, plants and features to choose from and you can change things quite easily. We hope you enjoy your DIY landscaping project. May it be as beautiful and as fun as you imagine.


How to Keep Your Garden Healthy and Pretty

Keeping a garden in a good condition takes time and know-how. It is not as easy as some people make it look and sometimes plants get sick or something happens that you don’t realize. Nursing plants and grass back to health takes patience and constant care. So, to avoid big problems and unsightly features in your garden, follow our simple tips for keeping your garden healthy and pretty.

Mow your lawn regularly – This means even during fall and winter. The grass doesn’t stop growing, they just grow slower. As long as they grow, they should be mowed. Regular mowing will ensure that the grass stays healthy. You should also ensure that your lawn gets enough water even during the rainy seasons.

Do a proper clean-up when the seasons change – Many plants and flowers are seasonal and don’t grow throughout the year. Make sure to clean up plants that are annual and must be replaced. Also, make sure you prune your trees and plants to prepare them for the blooming season. Clear fallen leaves and use them as mulch for your flowerbeds. Clean any debris or dead plants to prevent plant diseases from developing and spreading.

Plant for all seasons – If you want to have a garden with life in it even during the cold months, plant for all seasons. There are plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers that grow in different seasons. You also get deciduous plants and evergreens. If you plant these together, you will have a garden with blooming flowers and green trees all year round.

Plant in the right spot – Before you plant new trees, grass or flowers, make sure you know what their needs are. The sun and water needs will determine where you plant them. If you plant a tree that needs sun in a shady spot it will not grow properly. If you plant flowers that need indirect sun in direct sun, they will burn and die. Make sure you plan the planting properly beforehand.

Water properly and regularly – Water is very important for all living things including plants. The best way to ensure that your garden gets all the water it needs is to have a routine. A sprinkler or irrigation system will make the job a lot easier and faster. Again, make sure you know how much water and how often different plants in your garden need.

Hire professional gardening services – If all this seems too much for you to handle, don’t worry. Hiring a professional gardening company is the answer for you. They know exactly what your garden needs and they will take care of everything from watering needs to clean-up to seasonal planting.

Having a beautiful garden is something most of us want. It does something good to the soul and makes us feel happy. However, maintaining these gardens can be difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, there are people like Tarheel Gardening that can take care of things for you.


5 Tips for Choosing Flowers and Plants for Your Landscaping Project

Planning is an important part of landscaping whether you’re a professional or an amateur. You need to know what to plant, where to plant it, and how to keep it alive. This is especially important when choosing flowers for your garden. There is more to it than choosing the pretty ones. Our friend Dru Morgan at owns both a window cleaning and landscaping business and is offering a lot of great tips for you right here. Also, make use of the expertise at your local nursery if you don’t have professional gardening services.

Use these tips to choose your flowers:

1. Sun or Shade

Check where your garden gets sun and where it doesn’t. This will help you determine where you can plant flowers and what type of flowers. Some need a lot of sunlight and others only need partial sunlight. This is an important factor.

2. Color Scheme

Decide what types of colors you want in your garden. Decide whether you want a pattern or rows and where would you like which colors. Your choice of flowers here will depend on where these spots are where you want the color and the available sunlight. This is where cross-planning comes in.

3. All Seasons

You want to choose flowers that will bloom at different times of the year. If you only plant spring and summer flowers you will have a very dull and depressing looking garden in winter. Find out what types of flowers bloom in which season and plant them all together. This will ensure that when the one season’s blooms are gone, the next ones will start. This is a great way to keep color in your garden all year through.

4. Choose Indigenous

North Carolina has some beautiful indigenous flowers. Before you plant anything, consider planting some asters and other North Carolina buds. Your nursery will be able to help you with the bids or even seedlings that you can just re-plant. There is a wide array to choose from, so get planning.

5. Water Needs

It is very important to look at the water needs of flowers. Some will need more than others. Don’t plant different water needs plants together. One will inevitably be disadvantaged by this. The water needs, sun needs, and seasonality will all go together when you are planning which flowers to buy.

Pay attention to these factors when you buy flowers. Planning truly is important to help each flower bloom its heart out and add to the prettiness of your garden. With the right planning, proper knowledge, and some help from us and your local nursery or professional landscaper, you will soon have the dream garden you have always imagined. Happy flower hunting!


How to Prepare for Professional Landscape Services

You have decided to give professional landscaping services a try. Very good decision! However, you may be uncertain about what exactly to expect and how you should go about meeting with the designer. No worries, we got you covered. As landscaping experts, we can shed some light on the uncertainty. Our landscapers are professionally trained and have attended landscaping design classes at NC State. We know what we need from you to make a success of your garden and your landscape vision. So, here’s what we need from you.

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Reasons to Landscape Your Garden

A landscaped garden holds many benefits. There are so many reasons to have your garden professionally landscaped or to do it yourself if you have the time. Gardens are more than just the perimeters of a property. They add to the value and aesthetics of your home. They offer a place for children to play and your family and friends to relax. So, if you want a garden that can offer you all the things you want, consider landscaping.

Landscaping transforms your garden – Your garden can go from a lawn and a tree to mini Disneyland if that’s what you want. Landscape designers are some of the most creative people and they can create the most amazing things. Their work can make you the garden that will suit your lifestyle, your family, and your personality.

Enjoy the beauty without the work – If you landscape your garden and the company you used maintains the garden for you, you get to enjoy it without having to do the time-consuming maintenance work.

A landscaped garden will increase your curb appeal – If you want to show off your home or get it ready to be sold, landscaping is the answer to enhancing curb appeal. A beautiful, well-manicured garden with color and personality will go a long way with drawing attention and impressing potential buyers.

A landscaped garden will add value to your home – A landscaped garden is seen as value-adding. You spend money on improving the look and functionality of the home. So, if you maintain that and keep it in a good condition, your landscaped garden can add value to your home when you want to sell it.

Because you can – If you have always wanted a beautiful garden with hedges, big trees, colourful flowers, and water features, then go for it. You don’t need any more reason besides that you want you and you can. Make your garden dreams come true and hire professionals or landscape yourself.

Landscaping your garden has many benefits which offer many reasons why you should do it. Your garden should be a sanctuary and a place for you to enjoy. So, go ahead and call your local landscaper today.