3 Steps to Make Your North Carolina Garden Beautiful

Getting ready to prepare your garden for spring and summer? We have some great advice for steps you can take to make your North Carolina garden a beauty. We want to help you choose the right types of trees and flowers and also help you to know where to plant them for the best results. So, keep reading if you want the down-low on creating the best garden.

Step 1: Analyse Your Garden

The first thing you have to do is analyse your garden. Look at how the sun shines in your garden. Your choice of trees, grass, shrubs, and flowers will be determined by the amount of sun in specific areas. You also want to have a look at the space you have, where there are walls, and where your water supply will be.

Step 2: Decide What You Want

Before you can start to plan the layout of your garden, you need to have an idea of what you want in your garden. Do you want big or small trees? Do you want big or small shrubs? Do you want shrubs at all? What color flowers do you want and how many? Do you want vines or hedges? All of these questions will need answers before you start planning where to plant and what to plant. You should also consider your lawn options. If you already have a lawn, do you want to keep it the way it is or do you want to make changes?

Step3: Choose the Right Plants

Once you have an idea of where the most sunshine and the basics of what types of greenery you want, you can start looking at buying. We have a whole bunch of indigenous North Carolina flowers, shrubs, and trees to choose from. To see what types of plants you can find and plant in North Carolina and their sun and water needs, visit these two websites: http://ncwildflower.org/native_plants/recommendations and http://ncbg.unc.edu/native-southeastern-plants/. They have lists of the best options to use in your garden.

Gardening is fun and therapeutic and a beautiful garden can make the world of difference to your home and family. So, get started today and get your garden ready for bloom season.

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