5 Tips for Choosing Flowers and Plants for Your Landscaping Project

Planning is an important part of landscaping whether you’re a professional or an amateur. You need to know what to plant, where to plant it, and how to keep it alive. This is especially important when choosing flowers for your garden. There is more to it than choosing the pretty ones. Our friend Dru Morgan at windowcleaningconejovalley.com owns both a window cleaning and landscaping business and is offering a lot of great tips for you right here. Also, make use of the expertise at your local nursery if you don’t have professional gardening services.

Use these tips to choose your flowers:

1. Sun or Shade

Check where your garden gets sun and where it doesn’t. This will help you determine where you can plant flowers and what type of flowers. Some need a lot of sunlight and others only need partial sunlight. This is an important factor.

2. Color Scheme

Decide what types of colors you want in your garden. Decide whether you want a pattern or rows and where would you like which colors. Your choice of flowers here will depend on where these spots are where you want the color and the available sunlight. This is where cross-planning comes in.

3. All Seasons

You want to choose flowers that will bloom at different times of the year. If you only plant spring and summer flowers you will have a very dull and depressing looking garden in winter. Find out what types of flowers bloom in which season and plant them all together. This will ensure that when the one season’s blooms are gone, the next ones will start. This is a great way to keep color in your garden all year through.

4. Choose Indigenous

North Carolina has some beautiful indigenous flowers. Before you plant anything, consider planting some asters and other North Carolina buds. Your nursery will be able to help you with the bids or even seedlings that you can just re-plant. There is a wide array to choose from, so get planning.

5. Water Needs

It is very important to look at the water needs of flowers. Some will need more than others. Don’t plant different water needs plants together. One will inevitably be disadvantaged by this. The water needs, sun needs, and seasonality will all go together when you are planning which flowers to buy.

Pay attention to these factors when you buy flowers. Planning truly is important to help each flower bloom its heart out and add to the prettiness of your garden. With the right planning, proper knowledge, and some help from us and your local nursery or professional landscaper, you will soon have the dream garden you have always imagined. Happy flower hunting!

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