Our Services

Tarheel Gardening offers a variety of gardening services to suit anyone’s needs and budget. From simple clean-up or maintenance to full-out landscape transformation – we have it covered.

Our Services

We specialize in landscaping, but also offer other services. Our services include:

Landscape design and implementation (large or small) – No matter the size of your garden, our landscape artists can design the perfect garden for your vision and lifestyle. They are experts at taking any garden and transforming it into a picture-perfect place.

Garden clean-up – If your new home has a garden left in disrepair or it just needs a good cleaning and makeover, we can handle it.

Garden maintenance – Most people have very busy lives and often don’t get the time to spend the necessary time on garden maintenance. Let us take care of that for you.

Edging, hedging, and pruning – Part of a good looking and healthy garden is neat hedges, edging for flower beds, and seasonal pruning of branches and plants.

Garden features – We can install and maintain any garden features from gnomes to water features and special lighting.

Lawn care – A green and healthy lawn is a huge part of a beautiful garden. Allow us to take care of your lawn and ensure that you have a beautiful garden year-round.

Your Choice

You know what you want from your garden and how you want it to look. You can choose what you need according to the following criteria:

  • Budget
  • Size of the garden
  • Time available for maintenance
  • Condition of the garden
  • Landscape complexity

These factors will influence how much professional help and maintenance your garden will require.

For more information or to get a quote, contact us at info@tarheelgardening.com.